Titanium screws and bolts

Production of titanium screws and bolts made in Italy

LLS” has been known over the years in various industrial sectors by its LLS Titanium brand for the production of titanium screws and bolts, also small parts made of titanium and its alloy, 7075 aluminium (ergal), special steel products and light alloys such as inconel, monel and hastelloy, alongside working light material such as carbon.

Founded in 1990, today the company has raised through the ranks of its sector (mechanical working of titanium), becoming a leading player in Europe. Considering its foreign sales percentage share reaching about 50%, LLS is a craftsmanship company that has been capable of standing tall and conquering market niches.

Constant commitment to technological innovation, (proof is the production of high quality titanium screws and bolts) substantial investment at production level, alongside commercial strategies aimed at achieving an ever-growing product diversification, have been the key to LLS sharp growing rate towards a more industrial dimension, thus proportionally increasing the production amounts.


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LLS manufacturing titanium screws and bolts