Titanium bolts and nuts

Production of light and resistant, titanium bolts and nuts

Titanium bolts as a tightening component appreciated for its utilities like corrosion-resistant, light weight, high strength. Titanium bolt can be combined with different metal, such as iron, aluminum and lightweight alloys for different purposes also aesthetic.

What is a Bolt?
A bolt is a big screw made of a hexagonal head and a threaded cylindrical rod, on which a nut is screwed to connect and fasten two metallic elements together.
LLS manufactures titanium bolts and various types of light material such as titanium, ergal, aluminium, inconel, monel, hastelloy, carbon and other special alloys.

Definition of a nut:
A nut is a small hexagonal or square shaped prism provided with a threaded hole used to fasten bolts.
LLS manufactures titanium nuts but also made nuts in ergal, aluminium, monel, inconel, hastelloy and other special alloys in compliance with the DIN standards.

Lightweight and durable titanium bolts and nuts have many applications especially in sports and aerospace industries.


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Titanium Bolt and Nuts